Best Web Browser

Surfing the internet has become one of the essential parts of our daily lives. Make sure to check out fuck swiper for the perfect fuck buddy. Selecting the right browser can make a big difference since it can make tasks easier and faster. There are several options out there but Google Chrome is easily the best web browser on the market today. Below are some reasons why Google Chrome is a great choice.

Clean Interface

Chrome’s clean interface attracted a lot of users when it first came out. Without the traditional setting options, bookmarks layout and context menus, chrome gave its users a new experience in surfing the net. Gone are the days of frustrating and complicated chain of clicks and jumps. The simple design allows you to finish your task in a flash. It has an organized layout that is built for comfort and efficiency.


Chrome’s speed is one of the main reasons why users stick to it and considers it the best web browser. Its core is lightweight, which makes loading web pages faster and easier. It is equipped with V8, a powerful and fast JavaScript engine that uses lesser RAM and WebKit, an open source rendering engine.

Accessible Address Bar and Options

When searching on the internet, users usually type in in the address bar first but with chrome, you can directly type in what you’re looking for and it will automatically show similar browser sessions and search results. It helps save a lot of time and effort.

Options are also conveniently placed in one side of the browser. Through this, you can navigate the web without the bothersome clickables placed all around the browser.

Broad Compatibility

Chrome is highly compatible with the internet. It has a built-in pdf reader and flash player and can quickly load and communicate with various applications on the web.

Incognito Mode

One of the most underrated features of Chrome is its incognito mode. It helps you browse through the internet without getting the download and browsing history tracked and cookies stored. They are automatically erased once the incognito browser closes. It allows you to hide what you are doing and save space since cookies are deleted. The regular and incognito browsers can be used simultaneously.

Google Account

Chrome can easily sync your bookmarks, preferences, and extensions with your Google account. Through this, you can load and access your own preferences and extensions on any devices. You can easily retrieve your data like your password, bookmarks, and history if your computer ever gets lost, broken or stolen.

Tabbed Browsing

While this is a basic feature, chrome still stands out with its easy to manage tabs. You can effortlessly move, rearrange, and duplicate tabs. Each tab also functions independently, allowing users to save crashes by isolating one tab from the whole browser.

Chrome also remembers the tabs you opened in your last session so you can easily start where you left off when you open the browser again.

Better Security

Chrome is built to keep your computer or device free of virus, malwares and phishing attacks. It warns you when a certain website is suspected to be harmful and automatically updates the browser’s security fixes.

It uses sandboxing functionality that helps separate the processes in every tab, so if any issue happens to one tab, it will not affect all tabs. It can be easily cut off by closing the affected tab. It prevents malwares from invading your computer and installing harmful applications that can attack and invade your privacy.

Task Manager

Chrome lets you view its task manager giving you an idea as to how much physical memory is being used by various websites loaded in your tabs. You can see which tab uses the most memory and this will help you take out unwanted tabs and speed up your computer.

Multimedia Tool

Chrome is not only a browser but also a multimedia tool that serves as a media layer and viewer. You can open medias by simply dragging the file you want open to the browser.


Google has a web store specifically made for chrome users where you can search different, both paid and free, extensions, apps and themes that can help you customize your browsing experience. It has a variety of themes that adds personality and apps that help you add more features to your browser. You can also create your own themes and apps.

If you are looking for a browser that can vastly improve your browsing productivity then chrome is the best web browser for you. It has variety of features that can give you an easy browsing experience while ensuring your security and privacy.


Many girls spend a lot of time researching and choosing trendy haircuts that fit their lifestyle and personality. They may also spend a significant amount of money trying to find the best salon for the job. Because of these things, each haircut needs to be perfect and worth all the trouble they go through. Is that possible? Well, no matter how unique a girl may be, she will not have a difficult time trying to find a suitable haircut. This is because there are countless styles that would suit different needs and wants. It all comes down to choosing the best one.

Written below are different haircuts that girls like the most. I urge you to continue reading and use this information to guide for your next salon appointment.

Pixie cuts are versatile enough to turn from classy and feminine to modern and chic. It is perfect for any occasion like going to a formal night out or just chilling at a club. Having this cut is great for a girl confident and self-assured. It totally shows off the delicate features of their face. This type of hairstyle is also low maintenance, so girls should have no trouble maintaining this look.

A bob haircut is ideal for fine hair that lacks body and volume. It is low maintenance which is great since you won’t need that many (if any) hair products. There are diverse kinds of bobs, some that are shoulder length and ones that can be quite short. Bobs are easy to style. It is only a matter of getting creative and maximizing the length of your hair to your advantage. Curl it, decorate it—even wear it up! Wearing a bob is perfect for bringing emphasis to your face, showing off her confidence and beauty.

A lob is the just like a bob, except the length is just a bit longer than the average bob. This haircut can be easily styled in different ways. The most common would be adding bangs for extra volume. It is just as versatile as a bob and can be done up in a ponytail or bun, or ironed for a classy night-out, and curled for a more casual look.

Shags are perfect for any kind of hair. It is so versatile that it can be used as a style for long or short hair, fine or thick hair, curly or straight hair. This haircut is often preferred by girls who are confident in bringing out their feisty, sexy, and confident sides. Shags look best when they aren’t so styled and the layers have a bit of a wave to them. However, you can use this cut for an extremely straight style. This haircut can be further enhanced by adding bangs, layers and colors.

Layered haircuts for long hair is more interesting than the one-length cuts. This type of cut can be flattering for any type of face shape. It is flexible and can be easily styled in many different ways. It is the best cut for girls with thick manes because it removes some of the weight and makes their hair look lighter. At the same time, it is also great if you want to add volume and depth to your hair. The look can be further enhanced by adding highlights, showing off the layers in the hair even more.

Layered short hair, piecey and spikey, might seem like a very alternative choice, but this isn’t true! With just a little styling this can be as versatile as the other styles. It does take some confidence to pull it off and very few girls would opt for this style—simply because they’re a lot edgier. Cutting your short locks this way gives it volume and texture. If you’re looking for something playful, but versatile enough to fit even formal situations then this is a good cut to consider.

It is all a matter of examining and learning your face to find which haircut would flatter your features the best. Choose the ones that can elevate your look and help you get a good reaction from the people you see and meet. Of course, what is more important is what you think about yourself and if you like how you look.

There is no doubt that through imagination and creativity, ideas for haircuts will increase. But whatever haircut a girl chooses, her true beauty shines brightest when she exudes grace, attitude and confidence. She should be comfortable with her choice and wear her crown of beautiful locks loud and proud.

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Mind-reading computer decodes people’s thoughts instantly

Recently, one of the latest technologies introduced in the computer science field is the mind reading computer. This is a new computer program that has ability to decode the thoughts of people almost in real time. The new research shows that this decoding happens within a few milliseconds of someone after seeing the image. The researchers also predict that the people are seeing depend on the electrical signals coming from the electrodes implanted in their brain. The new results explained that this new technology application can greatly helps people for those who cannot speak or having trouble in communicating and expressing thoughts with others.

Rajesh Rao, a neuroscientists at the University of Washington in Seattle said that clinically, this technology has built a communication mechanism for the patients who have had paralyzed or stroke that are completely locked in. Over the past few years, many scientists have made the tremendous studies about this decoding human thought. According to the study conducted in 2011, the researchers can translate the brain waves into the movie clips for people who were watching at that time. After that, the two scientists in 2014 can be transmitted the human thoughts to each other by using a brain to brain link. However, these studies have been shown that the computers can see what the people are dreaming about this and use only their activities of the brain.

Later on, Rao and his colleagues do further research in this effort. They asked seven people with extreme epilepsy who already had undergone this surgery to implant the electrodes into the temporal lobes, if the thoughts in their mind can be decoded. Here, the temporal lobe is the brain region, which is responsible to process the sensory input such as recognizing and visualizing the objects in which a person sees. During this researching process, the Rao and their colleagues can be watched the system screen, where many images are briefly flickered by.

On the other hand, the electrodes were hooked up into this powerful computer program that can be analyzed the brain signals minimum 1, 000 times per second. They also find out what the brain signals look like, especially when someone has viewed an image. The first two-third of images shows that the system program got a label and tells that this is what the brain signal looks like when someone view an image. And the remaining one-third of pictures, the system was able to predict with 98% accuracy and tells what the personal actually saw. However, the system can be accomplished this task within 20 milliseconds by scanning a person instantly.

Difficult process

When the people were looking at the faces, it has been turned out the different neurons fired. In this mind reading computer application, the computer usually required two forms of brain signals to decode the images such as a broadband spectral change and an event related potential. This occasion is related to the prospective characteristic impale in the brain cell firing, which occurs when the brain react to every stimulus.

On the other hand, the broadband spectral change is normally detected by the electrodes, where the entire change in power across the region of the brain. But this scientist looks at single neurons and several studies give a more global image at the larger network of neuron levels. These will shows that how the people are awake and paying attention to the difficult visual object. This new technology like mind reading computer sounds like the great science fiction. These computers can be able to decode the human thoughts into the written words or actual speech without even telling a single word.

Once you sits in front of the computer, it will starts read your minds and improve the capabilities of current speech interfaces with devices. However, this is an amazing technology application for those who feel difficulties in speech. When it comes to brain, this technology cannot be easily made commercially available because one size does not exactly fit for all. Transmission of phonetic data by the brain waves is so sensitive in which every brain need to be assessed individually. Thus, this new method can detect the electromagnetic activity of neurons responding to the speech.

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Most Famous Artists of 2016

Artists come and go. But their music stays forever. Every year, there’s always a song or composition that makes an artist eminent and trendy. This article is an exploration of some of the most popular song artists that found the summit, or continue to be at the summit, of their fame in 2016.

The Lumineers

The Lumineers is a folk rock band based in Colorado. Their recent album, Cleopatra, was released in 2016 and it persistently remained in the Billboard charts. Frank and Schultz, the band’s founders, composed the music behind the “The Hanging Tree” song in Mockingjay Part II movie. Their song “Visions of China” is also a soundtrack frequently played in the fourth season of The Walking Dead television series.

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is a pop band whose popularity was amplified by interactive connection with their fans through social media. Their music is often a combination of rap and urban pop. The “Stressed Out” and “Ride” were among the top contenders in 2016’s Billboard Hot 100. At the end of the year, the “Heathens”, a soundtrack featured in the Suicide Squad, ranked fourth in the 2016’s top ten singles.

Chris Stapleton

Christ Stapleton was a troubadour whose newly-found fame burgeoned as he released his “Traveler” solo album. Before that year, he was a struggling songwriter and a country musician. Like any other real artists, he never became popular for his works behind the scenes. He did, however, bagged three major CMA awards one night in the autumn of 2015. Afterwards, he received four Grammy nominations and the “Traveler” album reached number one in the Billboard’s country music’s charts.


Rihanna is an international R&B star whose origins are from Barbados. Her hit songs frequently managed to climb the top ten in the Billboard chart history. Her most recent top notches were “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “FourFiveSeconds”. The latter is an acoustic and soul pop rendition which features an almost implausible musical collaboration between Kanye West and Paul McCartney.


Drake smashed the records for simultaneously garnering 20 slots on the Billboard’s Hot 100. He surpassed Justin Bieber’s 2015 record for 17 songs and the Beatles’ 14 songs in 1964. A Canadian songwriter, producer and rapper, he was known as Jimmy Brooks in the movie Degrassi: The Next Generation. In 2006, he began his music career by performing a series of mixtapes and remixes until he became one of the most celebrated hiphop singers in the country.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers duo consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall whose songs are mostly a blend of dance-infused pop and indie melodies. Their latest song, “Closer”, gradually made it to number one in 2016 and it remained there for about ten weeks. The ten-week stay in that spot was a groundbreaking record which surpassed Drake’s “One Dance”.


Disturbed is a mainstream rock band which was formed sometime in 1997. Their popularity rose again when their album “Immortalized” was released in 2015. Composed of classic heavy metal sounds, this is their fifth album which consecutively hits the top 200 in the Billboard charts. The band’s original lead singer, David Draiman, is a rebel whose antagonism against religious institutions finds its expression in the band’s trouncing tunes. In 2016, they successfully performed at the Live at Red Rocks in Colorado. This band had so many groupies that were great fuck buddies, I’m sure they got their share of black fuckbook girls.

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is a new artist whose stardom was sparked by her America Got Talent’s unique performance. Dubbed as the “hiphop violinist”, she danced and played the violin at the same time. After showcasing her talents in the show, she began posting videos of her professional performances in YouTube. One of these videos gained over a hundred million views. In 2012, she released an album of her original compositions and sold over 200,000 copies in the US alone. Her new album, “Brave Enough”, was funded in part by her fans.

Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel was a Mexican songwriter and vocalist whose albums still continue to dominate the charts, making him number one in the 2016 Billboard’s top Latin artist. He was nominated in the Grammy Awards six times and had more than one million sales of his works. In 2016, his three entries climbed to the top of the charts, but three weeks later, he succumbed to a heart attack in one of his US tours.

Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam tops the 2016 charts in the Bluegrass genre. He is a country music songwriter-singer who tries to bring country music back to its 1980’s roots. “Swimmin’ Pools” and “Movie Stars”, among others, are reminiscent of old country music tradition. This peculiarity in his music constitutes the bulk of his first bluegrass album. Surprisingly, Dwight Yoakam is one of those unheard-of names in the mainstream media but whose songs always land a spot on the charts.

Do Women Like Artsy Men

The word “artsy” may mean different things. It may refer to a creative person. Sometimes, people use this term in a pejorative way as to dismiss a person who may not be entirely creative at all. In fact, it may be as broad as to include a person who has an avowed appreciation for the arts.

What “Artsy” Exactly Means

To steer clear of any misapprehension, clarity must first be provided in what context this word is used. Artsy men simply refer to individuals who seriously pursue creative endeavors. The artsy man can either be a painter, musician, rockstar, poet, craftsman, guitarist, producer, songwriter, etc.

In the Internet age, the term has somewhat evolved into a distinctive flavor. Remarks may be made of an “artsy” social media user who has a self-acclaimed inclination towards the arts. Or it may evoke the image of an overly-tattooed male just for the sake of appearing creative. If that be the case, then there’s no need for discussion as the answer to the question is fairly simple: nobody likes a pretentious person, obviously.

Artsy Men are Unique

Other than rocket scientists, artsy individuals are the most interesting creatures on earth. Why? They are simply unique. They possess some kind of senses, perception or maybe brain make-up which the boy next door doesn’t have. Any skill can be learned, but talent cannot.

For instance, you need the kind of seeing and hand connection to be able to draw something more than a square or a circle. An artist is simply born with it. Even if he did not pursue it as a career, it stays there.

The artist’s personality also sets him apart. The stereotype characterizes a sensitive, brooding and intense character. Their need for space, privacy and the irregularity of their lifestyle sometimes translate into a mystery that attracts like magnet.

What differentiates the artist from a scientist is that the former, in fact, has the potential to easily draw women. Their artistic nature is synonymous with romance and having a way with women. Ironically though, most artists, if not all, are single and frustrated.

Birds of the Same Feather

Women who have proclivity to the arts will find a man who has the same penchant attractive. These women believe that they can only settle happily with a partner who can relate with the kind of disposition they have. They find instant connection and become great couples.

Aside from emotional comfort, they can also exchange ideas. Their respect to each other’s work and space is mutual, and they understand each other in such a level that they don’t even have to communicate about it.

Total Opposites Attract

Then there are uncreative women who can be completely swept away on their feet by artists. Although they may not be able to comprehend artsy men, they are so bewitched that their capacity for tolerance is inexhaustible.

Being with a creative person is a magical feeling. The unfathomable depths from where artsy men draw out their creativity is like a world’s wonder which needs to be explored.

Women like the passion and intensity that an artsy man lavishes on his craft. Such creativity and passion translates to a sexual power that artsy men have the advantage of. Even the mere look of a man with a guitar catches a woman’s attention. Sometimes, even unintentionally, musicians and painters do really evoke appeal without them knowing.

Practical Women

There are two kinds of attraction: an attraction on the surface and an attraction all the way in. Some women who are amazed by artsy men will simply love them for what they are. But, they will not want to have a relationship or connection with them. They knew that every single detail of an artist’s lifestyle shrieks of anti-conventionalism. Practical women who have their entire lives planned may simply don’t want to go all in with an artist.

Dispassionate Women

Women are emotional beings. You may find that some women barely appear to be such, but they are the kind who managed only to conceal and compartmentalize their emotions. At the core, emotional influences make up every living fiber in a woman’s being.

In fact, “unemotional” women may find artsy men more gorgeous than any other. Their lack of emotional release makes them care so much for the beauty that an exceptionally expressive man has to offer.

In General

Artsy men are in such a position that the impression of them equates to being hot. Nevertheless, success in the matters of the heart depends on how an artsy man pursue and treats her woman. You cannot expect a woman to make the move or spark the connection. Many artists are found using Instagram and Kik. Kik Girls has provided a platform where girls and meet guys base on their profile for kik sexting and sending Kik Nudes. Make sure to check it out if you’re an artsy type person, it will surely work well for you.

Even if a woman finds artsy men naturally sexy, her prejudice may obstruct that appeal. Attraction can sometimes be disguised as contempt. In truth, artsy men nowadays appear arrogant, egotistic, and narcissistic. They are inapproachable because of these traits. At the end of the day, it’s how the man acts around the woman that makes him truly irresistible.