Do Women Like Artsy Men

The word “artsy” may mean different things. It may refer to a creative person. Sometimes, people use this term in a pejorative way as to dismiss a person who may not be entirely creative at all. In fact, it may be as broad as to include a person who has an avowed appreciation for the arts.

What “Artsy” Exactly Means

To steer clear of any misapprehension, clarity must first be provided in what context this word is used. Artsy men simply refer to individuals who seriously pursue creative endeavors. The artsy man can either be a painter, musician, rockstar, poet, craftsman, guitarist, producer, songwriter, etc.

In the Internet age, the term has somewhat evolved into a distinctive flavor. Remarks may be made of an “artsy” social media user who has a self-acclaimed inclination towards the arts. Or it may evoke the image of an overly-tattooed male just for the sake of appearing creative. If that be the case, then there’s no need for discussion as the answer to the question is fairly simple: nobody likes a pretentious person, obviously.

Artsy Men are Unique

Other than rocket scientists, artsy individuals are the most interesting creatures on earth. Why? They are simply unique. They possess some kind of senses, perception or maybe brain make-up which the boy next door doesn’t have. Any skill can be learned, but talent cannot.

For instance, you need the kind of seeing and hand connection to be able to draw something more than a square or a circle. An artist is simply born with it. Even if he did not pursue it as a career, it stays there.

The artist’s personality also sets him apart. The stereotype characterizes a sensitive, brooding and intense character. Their need for space, privacy and the irregularity of their lifestyle sometimes translate into a mystery that attracts like magnet.

What differentiates the artist from a scientist is that the former, in fact, has the potential to easily draw women. Their artistic nature is synonymous with romance and having a way with women. Ironically though, most artists, if not all, are single and frustrated.

Birds of the Same Feather

Women who have proclivity to the arts will find a man who has the same penchant attractive. These women believe that they can only settle happily with a partner who can relate with the kind of disposition they have. They find instant connection and become great couples.

Aside from emotional comfort, they can also exchange ideas. Their respect to each other’s work and space is mutual, and they understand each other in such a level that they don’t even have to communicate about it.

Total Opposites Attract

Then there are uncreative women who can be completely swept away on their feet by artists. Although they may not be able to comprehend artsy men, they are so bewitched that their capacity for tolerance is inexhaustible.

Being with a creative person is a magical feeling. The unfathomable depths from where artsy men draw out their creativity is like a world’s wonder which needs to be explored.

Women like the passion and intensity that an artsy man lavishes on his craft. Such creativity and passion translates to a sexual power that artsy men have the advantage of. Even the mere look of a man with a guitar catches a woman’s attention. Sometimes, even unintentionally, musicians and painters do really evoke appeal without them knowing.

Practical Women

There are two kinds of attraction: an attraction on the surface and an attraction all the way in. Some women who are amazed by artsy men will simply love them for what they are. But, they will not want to have a relationship or connection with them. They knew that every single detail of an artist’s lifestyle shrieks of anti-conventionalism. Practical women who have their entire lives planned may simply don’t want to go all in with an artist.

Dispassionate Women

Women are emotional beings. You may find that some women barely appear to be such, but they are the kind who managed only to conceal and compartmentalize their emotions. At the core, emotional influences make up every living fiber in a woman’s being.

In fact, “unemotional” women may find artsy men more gorgeous than any other. Their lack of emotional release makes them care so much for the beauty that an exceptionally expressive man has to offer.

In General

Artsy men are in such a position that the impression of them equates to being hot. Nevertheless, success in the matters of the heart depends on how an artsy man pursue and treats her woman. You cannot expect a woman to make the move or spark the connection. Many artists are found using Instagram and Kik. Kik Girls has provided a platform where girls and meet guys base on their profile for kik sexting and sending Kik Nudes. Make sure to check it out if you’re an artsy type person, it will surely work well for you.

Even if a woman finds artsy men naturally sexy, her prejudice may obstruct that appeal. Attraction can sometimes be disguised as contempt. In truth, artsy men nowadays appear arrogant, egotistic, and narcissistic. They are inapproachable because of these traits. At the end of the day, it’s how the man acts around the woman that makes him truly irresistible.